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Gackt on TV tropes

  • Concept Album: Every non-compilation album, as well as singles. Even his concerts are designed to be visual interpretations of his albums and singles, if not a continuation of their story.

  • Everything Is an Instrument: The song "4th" consists entirely of gun fire, radio static, explosions, helicopter noise, Gackt singing gibberish in a soprano-like falsetto, and a guitar rhythm. It's surprisingly good.

  • Epic Rocking: Cube, Birdcage, Blue, Uncertain Memory, Dybukk, Secret Garden and many others.

  • Genre Shift: Gackt's early albums (and recent singles) tend to be a music version of this. A single album can have a combination of rock, pop, techno, ska, rap, r&b, metal and whatever else Gackt feels at the moment. Even singles will often have contrasting songs on them.

  • Genre Roulette: Gackt is a rock artist, but what genre of music is going to be on his albums and singles is random at best. Some songs such as Cube, Oasis, Uncertain Memory and Secret Garden don't even resemble any discernible genre. Songs like these are simply referred to by fans as Gackt rock.

  • Intercourse with You: "Koukuma Heaven", "Vanilla", and "Dispar" are explicit. "Papa Lapped a Pap Lopped" and "Speed Master" are more ambiguous.

  • Neoclassical Punk Zydeco Rockabilly - Many of his songs, especially "Dybbuk", "Lost Angels", "Memories" and "Ghost". In recent interviews he's even talked about taking this further by combining rock, classical European, traditional Japanese and various other Asian music styles in his newer work.

  • Word Salad Title: "Papa Lapped a Pap Lopped"

  • Bad Ass Long Coat: He wears these during many of his concerts.

  • AI Is A Crap Shoot: Averted. The Ghosts are the heroes.

  • Cluster F-Bomb: During every Yellow Fried Chickens live Gackt rips off his shirt and launches one of these.

  • Dark Is Not Evil: The heroes of his stories are vampires, Nazi-created cyborgs and other supernatural beings.

  • Cute Kitten: U+K live always features people dressed up in cat costumes.

  • Fanservice:

    • Vanilla live is the most famous example. But Kagen no Tsuki, Jougen no Tsuki, and Drug Party had plentiful amounts of this as well.

    • Gackt's second Yellow Fried Chickenz tour has taken this to the extreme with fans encouraging him by throwing underwear, hand cuffs, and whips on stage for Gackt and his band to play with.

  • Japanese Vampire: The entire Moon Saga.

  • Kill 'Em All: "Diabolos" and "Requiem et Reminiscence II" ends with all the characters dying.

  • Last Stand: His 2005 concert "Diabolos" opens with a scene showing 5 warriors riding into battle with a legion of Darts. Gackt's character wakes up as a superempowered vampire, and is the last man standing.

  • Ninja: During the song Luna he often has people dressed as these come on stage and fight him. I kid you not.

  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: The stories in his music contain many of these, such as Cyborg Nazis and Vampire Knights. His concerts can also be said to be this, since they're designed to be combination's of rock concerts, movies, and musicals. This also applies to Gackt himself who is a singer, songwriter, actor, writer, fashion designer

  • Science Is Bad: Subverted by the Ghosts, soldiers and war prisoners turned into cyborgs by Nazis to be mindless weapons of war turn against their evil creators and heroically sacrifice their lives fighting the Nazi agenda.

  • Shirtless Scene: During the Starlight Gig and Yellow Fried Chickens tour Gackt has no shirt on for half the show. Why? Does it really matter.

  • Defictionalization: Kamui Gakupo is a vocaloid created by Kentaro Miura (better known for his work on Berserk) based on voice samples from Gackt. Video site Nico Nico Douga once held a vocaloid contest hosted by Gackt were he would sing the winning songs, which used Gakupo as the singer. The result was that Gackt not only created and released covers of the winning songs, "Episode.0" and "Paranoid doll", but he also created a music video that was identical to the original "Episode.0" video, replacing art of Gakupo with himself dressed as Gakupo. Here is the original video, and here's Gackt's cover of it.

  • Development Hell: S.K.I.N played one concert and then... nothing.

  • Fan Nickname:

    • His fans and staff sometimes refer to him as "Maou-sama". Which is Japanese for "Devil King".

    • He is also known as "Gacchan," "Gakkun" and other such variations, particularly by his Japanese fans.

    • He has recently been given nicknames like Troll King and Troll Aniki for his habit of trolling his fans

  • One of Us: Gackt's fanboying is legendary. He has memorized all of the dialogue of the first Gundam series. His hairstyle for the Vanilla music video is based off of Super Saiyan Goku. The song Asrun Dream is about the characters Ash and Eiji from Banana Fish. He even once spent three days straight playing video games.

  • The Band Minus the Face: Malice Mizer. Averted when Tetsu left and Gackt joined they reached the height of their popularity. Played straight when Gackt left and later Kami died, as even after replacing Gackt with Klaha the band eventually broke up.

  • Training from Hell: Back stage footage of Gackt and his band preparing for concert is nothing but this. Gackt and his back up dancers "training" includes lifting each other as weights and taking turns punching and kicking each other in the stomach over extended periods of time.

  • Samurai: After his appearance in Fuurin Kazan Gackt started getting cast in roles as samurai. Since then he has been cast as Yoshi, a samurai in the film noir movie Bunraku, Nemuri Kyoshiro in a theater play, and even as Oda Nobunaga in Sengoku Basara: Moonlight Party.

  • Colbert Bump - Part of the reason he keeps appearing in so many video games and dramas. His appearances in such often results in jumps in ratings, viewer ship, and sales.

  • Crowning Music of Awesome - Pretty much all of Mars, Rebirth and Crescent, especially "Birdcage, Oasis and Oreinji no Tayoui". Single-only songs include mentions also go to "Cube", "Blue" and "Uncertain Memory".

    • Although NEVER to replace Ai Wo Torimodose as Fist Of The North Star's iconic song, the song for New is widely recognized by fans as the best song the series' had since.

  • Memetic Mutation - A dark version of this. Gackt's decade old joke about being a 496 year old vampire has been quoted out of context for so long that even presumably legitimate news sources have treated this as a serious belief of his. He has since corrected this at the Nemuri Kyoshiro press conference, where he released his actual age to the public so the joke would die.

    • Also, within the fandom, his love of Hyde, "fiyaa" and his unceasing use of the word dakishimete in nearly every song he has ever written are memes.

      • ''"I need joh fiyaa fiyaa fiyaa to keep me wahm / I gah too fill za fiyaa / Tu keep me wahm, I gah to feel it...fiyaaaaaa!!"

  • Memetic Sex God - He's been voted Japan's sexiest man, best looking in a suit, best looking in a kimono, best looking in a tuxedo and best looking as a samurai.

Tear Jerker: Gackt
This Japanese pop musician is quite good at invoking this reaction.

  • The song "Sayonara" is sad by itself, but the live version for "Requiem et Reminiscence" is especially heartbreaking. And lets not forget that it seems like he has to stop halfway into Emu ~for my dear~ when singing live, makes sense since it's a tribute song for Kami.

  • "Kono Daremo Inai Heya de (in this empty room)". "Doooooshite...daremo inai kooono heya de...karada ga...furueru n darooo...oshiete." Na na na na na...

    • Which translates as "Why in this empty room, is my body shaking? Tell me..."

  • "Last Song" is quite saddening, especially because of the way Gackt sings it.

  • "Tsuki no Uta" is, too.

  • Other Tear Jerker songs by Gackt include "Hoshi no Suna" and the Gackt/Hyde duet "Orenji no Taiyou". The last one can cause some people to cry for all nine minutes and ten seconds upon hearing it. It doesn't help that it was used in a Tear Jerker movie (Moon Child). Equally tear-inducing is the live version, with all the characters from the movie except one very important one.


Originally posted by cestlavieminako at Help to put a TARDIS Earth's orbit for the 50th Anniversary year...
Originally posted by jaded_jamie at Help to put a TARDIS Earth's orbit for the 50th Anniversary year...
Jaded Jamie Images Inc

You can help put a TARDIS into orbit
to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who

The 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who will be momentous, what with the return of David Tennant and Matt Smith’s penultimate appearance in the lead role.

But that’s not the only celebration of the Doctor scheduled for the big anniversary.

A father/daughter team of engineering-inclined Whovians designed a light-weight TARDIS and plan to launch it into space via commercial rocket, with the aim of having it orbit the earth in perpetuity.

They’re very detail-oriented—heading off pedants by noting they replaced the usual frosted glass window panes with solar panels, which power the light on top and a camera to take pictures of Earth.

Since launching a rocket into space is, you know, kind of expensive, they’ve started a kickstart campaign in the hope that fellow Doctor Who fans will put up over $30,000 to put a flying phone booth in the same level of orbit as the International Space Station, so that somehow, someway, an astronaut could look out a window and say, “Hey look, there’s a little phone booth outside!”

[ Includes video ]


Seiyuu TV Tropes pages: Kamiya Hiroshi

Hiroshi Kamiya is a man known for his dignified voice which makes him quite the go-to guy for those types of well spoken characters. About personalities, however, it's a different story. His character can be noble, cold, super smug, or even just plain hilarious. Truly a Man of a Thousand Voices.
Has a tendency to appear in works by Studio Shaft. He's played four lead roles in series they've produced, as well as a Relationship Voice Actor in some series with Chiwa Saitou. He also seems to have a relationship with Kana Hanazawa.

Roles done by Hiroshi Kamiya:

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Reproductive Rights

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A star-studded cast wants you to sign!


The Bill of Reproductive Rights is an effort by the Center for Reproductive Rights to deliver a thundering statement—backed by hundreds of thousands of signatures from concerned citizens like you—to the U.S. Congress and the President that they must guarantee and protect reproductive rights as fundamental human rights and stop the attacks by politicians who want to take those rights away.

Draw the line! Sign the Bill of Reproductive Rights!

In honor of the Arafes DVD petition...

Originally posted by barbosa2007 at In honor of the Arafes DVD petition...

arafes petition
I made my own petition banner. The quotes written here are credited to the fans who are currently petitioning for it, I take responsibility for only the design.

GIF credit: Anonymous

Feel free to reblog or repost these graphics! Or even better, make your own!

Oct. 3rd, 2012

Originally posted by kazeyumi at The Philippines Passes a Cybercrime Prevention Act that Makes SOPA Look Reasonable
The dark days of SOPA and PIPA are behind the US, at least temporarily as copyright tycoons reground and restrategize, attempting to come up with measures that don’t cause the entire internet to shut down in protest.

But one country has already moved ahead with similar legislation. The government of the Philippines has passed the Cybercrime Prevention Act, which on the surface, as usual, sounds perfectly well-intentioned. But when you read the actual contents of what’s been deemed “cybercrime,” SOPA’s proposed censorship sounds downright lax by comparison.

Yes, there’s the usual hacking, cracking, identity theft and spamming, which most of us can agree should be illegal. But there’s also cybersex, pornography, file-sharing (SOPA’s main target) and the most controversial provision, online libel.

Now, as someone who has been the target of many a vicious attack from commenters or forum posters, I can understand frustration with the nature of online anonymous criticism. But to actually try to make such a thing illegal? You wade into dangerous waters that anything resembling freedom of speech will likely drown in. And that’s overlooking the free speech implications trampled by banning pornography and file-sharing as well, two provisions getting less attention due to the severity of the libel section.

Via CBS, a senator who opposed the bill explains its potential ramifications:

“If you click ‘like,’ you can be sued, and if you share, you can also be sued,” said Sen. Teofisto Guingona III, one of the lawmakers who voted against the passage of the law.

“Even Mark Zuckerberg can be charged with cyber-libel,” the senator said.

The provision, according to Guingona, is so broad and vague that it’s not even clear who should be liable for a given statement online. And if you’re found guilty, get ready to spend up to 12 years in prison.

Guingona poses the question, who exactly is libel for the libel? Is it the person who made the statements? Anyone who reblogged or retweeted them? The website on which the comments were made? Anyone who commented in assent or even clicked ‘like’? The way the law is worded, the Filipino police could actually charge you with simply criticizing them or the government in a way they deem “malicious,” a word very much open to interpretation.
One of the two Senators who inserted the libel provision, Vincente Sotto III, stands by it.

“Yes, I did it. I inserted the provision on libel. Because I believe in it and I don’t think there’s any additional harm.”

Again, much like SOPA, these are lawmakers who don’t understand the true implications of the law on the technology they’re attempting to regulate. Or maybe they do, in this case. Sotto recently came under fire online for plagiarizing speeches from an American blogger and Robert F. Kennedy which he used to rail against a controversial reproductive health bill.

On social media sites like Reddit, young Filipinos are lamenting the seemingly backwards nature of their government’s recent policies, decrying that they were able to pass a law like this one heavily censoring the internet, but not the aforementioned legislation to teach sex education and give out birth control in schools.

Opponents of SOPA and PIPA should stand up to web tyranny everywhere, and when a supposedly free country institutes censorship practices like that of China and Iran, something is very wrong with that picture. Despite huge protests against the law, the government, as of yet, shows no sign of backing down.

Once again we see a mix of ignorance to technology and the desire to exert further control over a population. Neither is pretty, and neither has any place in a good government.

A e-mail reply from the DGS lj mods

Copy and paste from my tumblr:

I wrote a e-mail to them to apologize to them and to get a another chance to rejoin the community and prove myself.
This is the reply:

Sorry, but no.
It is basic common sense that one shouldn’t go around asking for passwords and reposting downloads without prior permission from original uploader, especially since the original uploader had already stated it. If you do not understand their language, you could always try to ask someone who does to help you out. If you couldn’t get any help, then you should just give up, rather than harassing every single people out there.
Furthermore, it is in our comm rules that members are not to post any link that isn’t yours
We understand that you want to share and so do we, however not everything or everyone out there on the internet is as flexible when it comes to sharing. Hence, please keep that in mind.
With that said, we still wish you the best in this fandom.
And please do not contact any of the moderators/members again.
DGS mod team

The link that I was sharing the Kirafes 2012 dvd. Let’s just say that my feelings are hurt. I just to wanted to share something. I wish they asked to me to delete the post instead of banning me.